Users List (1)

1- Acces to the table

2- Access to the chart

3- List of the users's datas

Users List (2)

1- Name of the Department

2- Name of the manager

3- Name of the supervisor

4-Name of the HR manager

5- Name of the place

6- Classification by age

7- Classification

List of Interview

1- List of useful datas for managers about the interview of their employees

Training Catalog

List of useful datas for the managers about the interviews about their employees.

Your Trainings

List of useful datas for the managers about the training of their employees

Employee Skills (1)

List of the skils and their datas of the employees

Employee Skill(2)

1- Skill Map

2- Competence

3- Employee

4- Manager

5- Functional Supervisor

6- HR manager

7- Current Position

8- Skills to be developed

9- Skill can be updated by users

10 - Age

11- Seniority

Jobs and Training List

1- List of useful informations for managers about their trainings and the jobs of their employees