How to manage a maintenance campaign?

How to use the interview space as a HR ?

1- In order to access the interview space, you have to click on « Interview » which is display in the menu and then click on "List of the Interview"

2- The manager can create her/his campaign by clicking on "Create a campaign"

3- You can create/manage interview's templates by clicking on "Manage my interview's templates"

4 - This section lists the campaigns of your teams.

5 - The interview’s title will be indicate in this section

6 - The campaign’s status will be indicate in this section

7 - The start date of the campaign will be indicate in this statut

8 - The end of the date of the campaign will be indicate in this section

1- By clicking on a campaign, you will be able to consult all the informations regarding it such as the starting date, the name of the campaign ...

2- You can read the interviews with a mission / a project.

3- You can deactivate the campaign by tapping this box.

4- You can find the list of collaborators by clicking on "List of collaborators".

5- You can see an overview of the campaign by pressing "Overview".

6- You can watch the campaign follow-up by clicking on "Campaign follow-up".

7- In this table you can see the list of collaborators who took part in the campaign.

8- You can consult the employee's name and email address in the first column of the table and follow the progress status of each interview: 9 / validation by the employee, 10/ validations by the manager or the N + 2 manager

Below, there will be a video which explains you how to manage your different interview campaign :

1- Choose the starting and ending date of the interview

2- Put the description of the interview

3- Choose collaborators that are involved in this interview

4- Update if new employees will be concerned by the interview during the campaign

5- Customize questions (types of question, if the answer can be accessible for the manager or not and his 2nd level manager)

! Don’t forget to register to each step otherwise there will be a risk to lose modifications !

How to create or update a campaign ?

Creation of a campaign

1-In order access to the creation of a campaign, you have to click on "Interview" and then "List of interviews"

2- Then you can create your own campaign by clicking on "Create a campaign"

1-You can give the name of your choice for your campaign

2- You can describe what will be the subject on your campaign

3- You can indicate the starting date of your campaign

4- You can indicate the ending date of you campaign

5-You can indicate the campaign cluster

6 - You can indicate the type of the interview

7-You can add all employees ( ->->)

8- You can filter employees of your choice (->)

Management of the campaign : Personnalization of questions, updating characteristics, manager management

1- You can manage your campaign by clicking on «… »

2- If you want to duplicate your campaign, you have to click on « Duplicate campaign »

3- You can customize questions

4- You can update your campaign by modifying the title, its description and its dates for example

5- You can assign by default a manager as a campaign manager

Note: To manage a campaign (add a user, modify the questions ...), it must be deactivated. Please note that deactivating a campaign in progress loses the answers already entered.

Customise Questions

In order to customise your questions, you have to click on "Customize questions"

1- You can find the interview’s detail

2- You can add a tab by clicking on the blue pencil

3- You can delete a tab by clicking on the red cross

4- You can add, modify or delete a question by choosing the kind of question (field long or short text, MCQ), indicate if the question is mandatory and who has to respond to the question ( employee, manager or 2nd level manager)

The type of question :

  • Short text = Short answers

  • Paragraph = Maximum 30000 words

  • Email = Indicate his mail address

  • Date = Answer by a date « Day, Month,Year »

  • Radiobox List = List of answer already defined

  • Drop Down Menu : List of different choices with only answer possible

  • Extern View : Select the skills review

  • Separator = Free text (without question) in order to bring informations

How do I ask a question as HR?

1. Write the question you want to ask

2. Choose the form of the expected response (drop-down list, paragraph…)

3. Tick the person to whom the question is assigned

4. Associate a tag to the question (training, objective...)

5. Drag the cursor to indicate if the answer is required

6. Add a new question

7. Duplicate the question

8. Delete the question

9. Validate the question

Update of the participants or the characteristics of the campaign (date, description)

1- In order to update your campaign, you have to click on "..." and then "Update" .

If you want to update your campaign, here are the different functionalities which one you can access

Image 1:

1- You can modify the title of your campaign

2- You can modify the description of your campaign

3- You can modify the starting date of your campaign

4- You can modify the ending date of your campaign

5- You can modify the campaign cluster

6- You can modify the campaign type in this section

Image 2:

Here are the campaign participants.

If you are looking for an employee in particular, you can search one in the seek bar.

7- You can modify the collaborators and filter them

->-> : all collaborators are included ;

8 - -> : You can filter

3- Finally, click on create and next step to save the changes.

N+1 or 2nd level manager management of the campaign's participants

There is 2 ways of managing a campaign :

  • By default, no manager will be affected to an employee of the campaign. At their first log-in, a «popup » will ask them to indicate their manager (N+1)and their next level manager (N+2)

Note : Managers which are offered in the "popup" are mandatory in the manager « profile » in the xLearn app

  • You can also click on « Assign manager by default », in this case the manager and the next level manager attached with the employees in Xlearn app will be automatically assigned for this campaign

Duplicate an existing campaign

If you want to duplicate a campaign, you have just to click on "Duplicate the campaign"

Every questions of the campaign will be duplicate but not the participant

Activate a campaign

To activate a campaign, you have to click on " Activate the campaign"

1- A warning message will appear and tell you that when you block the edition mode, you will not be able to modify questions and users only will be able to answer to them

2- You can send an invitation by email to each person which are registered on the campaign by ticking this case

3- You can validate the update of the campaign by clicking on "Update"

6 - You can cancel the activation of the campaign by clicking on "Cancel"

How to follow a campaign ?

Participant's review

1- The first name, the last name and the email of the employee will be display in the three first colums

2- You can see the managers’s name and also of the N+1 and 2nd level managers’s name and if they had validated the campaign in the next fourth columns

3- You can check if the employee has validated or not the interview in the last column

Review answers

1- In order to see the employee’s answer, you have to click on « Overview »

2- You can select a tag in this section

3-You can choose the kind of question that you want

4- You can see who has responded to questions byclicking on « Answered by (interlocutor) »

5- You can see the employee’s answer

Campaign follow up

1- You can follow up of the campaign by clicking on "Campaign follow-up"

2- The number of answers will be display in a personalized graph

Changing the interlocutors of an interview - Manager or 2nd level Manager

As an HR, you can change an interlocutor - manager and/or 2nd level manager - of an interview, for example if a partner made a mistake in choosing her/his manager.


If you modify an interlocutor in an interview - manager or 2nd level manager, all the answers already entered will be definitely lost.

1- Click on the circle icon blue and white (1)

2- Then, choose the new interlocutor in the window that opens.


What is a template ?

An interview template allows you to keep questions to be reused in another campaign. A template has two statuses:

  • Active - Managers can create an interview campaign and use this template.

  • Inactive - This template is only visible to HR profiles.

How to create a template ?

Image 1

  1. To access templates, go in "Interviews"

  2. Then click on " Interview's list"

  3. Then "Manage my interview's models"

Image 2:

  1. Enter the name, the description and the status ( active or inactive) of the campaign

  2. Or click on "Create an interview template"

Image 3 :

When you have click on "Create an interview template":

  1. Put the name

  2. Put the description

  3. The status

  4. Then validate

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

How to use a template ?

Image 1:

To use a template, you need to :

  1. Go in "Interview" and select "Interview's list"

  2. Then create a campaign by clicking on "Create a campaign"

Image 2:

  1. Select "Type of Interview", then the template's list created will appear

Then select the template you want to use

Image 1

Image 2


What is a "maintenance wave" ?

A wave of interviews makes it possible to group together several interview campaigns; for example all the campaigns for the first half of 2021 in a single view, even if each campaign has different questions. A wave has two statuses:

  • Active - Managers can create an interview campaign and link it to this wave.

  • Inactive - This wave is only visible to HR profiles.

How to create a "maintenance wave" ?

Image 1:

  1. You need to click on "Interviews"

  2. Click on "Interview cluster"

  3. Then click on "Create Interview cluster"

Image 2

  1. Chosse the maintenance wave's name

  2. Its description

  3. Its status

  4. Finally, validate or cancel

Image 1

Image 2

How to use a maintenance wave ?

Image 1 :

To use one wave maintenance, you need to :

  1. Click on "Interview" and select " Interview's list"

  2. Then "Create a campaign"

Image 2:

  1. Select " Campaign cluster"

  2. Then select the maintenance wave you want by using the drop-down menu

Image 1

Image 2