How to manage the interview campaign ?

How to use the interview space as a HR ?

1- In order to acess to the interview space, you have to click on « interview » which is display in the menu

2- The manager can create his campaign by clicking on « create a campaign

3- This part indicates how many interviews you realized with your team

4- The interview’s title will be indicate in this section

5- The campaign’s statut will be indicate in this section

6- The start date of the campaign will be indicate in this statut

7- The end date of the campaign will be indicate in this section

8- You can see what kind of interview it is

1- You can consult all the information about the campaign like the starting date or again the campaign’s name

2- You can disable the campaign by cliicking on this section

3- You can find the list of the employees by clicking on « list of employees »

4- You can see an overview of the campaign by clicking on «overview»

5- You can see the monitoring of the campaign by clicking on « campaign follow up »

6- In this table you can see the employee’s list which participate at the campaign

7- You can see the name and the email of the candidate in the third first column

8- You can see the manager’s reccomendations in the next columns

9- You can see the employee’s answer in the last column

Below, there will be a video which explains you how to manage your different interview campaign :

1- To choose the starting and ending date of the interview

2- To put the description of the interview

3- To chose the employees which would be concerned by the interview

4- To update if new employees will be concerned by the intreview during the campaign

5- To customize the questions (types of question, if the answer can be accessible for the manager and his 2nd level manager

! Don’t forget to register to each step otherwise there will be a risk to lose modifications !

How to create or to update a camapaign ?

Creation of a campaign

1-In order acess to the creation of a campaign, you have to click on "Interview"

2- Next, you can create your own campaign by clicking on "create a campaign"

1-You can give the name of your choice for youe campaign

2- You can describe what will be the subject on your campaign

3-You can indicate the start date of your camapaign

4- You can indicate the end date of you campaign

5-You can indicate the type of your campaign

6-You can add the employees

7- You can filterer the employes of your choice

Management of the campaign : Personnalization of questions, updating characteristics, management of the managers

1- You can manage your campaign by clicking on «… »

2- If you want to duplicate your campaign, you have to click on « duplicate the campaign »

3- You can customize the question

4- You can update your camapaig by modifying the title, its description and its dates for example

5- You can assign by default a manager as a camapign manager

Customise Questions

In order to customise you questions, you have to click on "customize the questions

1- You can find the interview’s detail

2- You can add a tab by clicking in the blue pencil

3- You can delete a tab by clicking on the red cross

4- You can add, modify or delete a question by choosing the kind of question ( field long or short text, MCQ), indicate if the question is mandatory and the person should answer the question ( employee, manager or 2nd level manager

The type of question :

  • Short text = Short answers

  • Paragraph = Maximum 30000 words

  • Email = Indicate his mail adress

  • Date = Answer by a date « Day, Month,Year »

  • Radiobox List = List of answer already defined

  • Drop Down Menu : List of fifferent choices with only answer possible

  • Extern View : Select the skills review

  • Separator = Free text (without question) in order to bring informations

Update of the participants or the charcteristics of the campaign (date, description)

1- In order to update your camapaign, you have to click on "..." then update .

If you want to update your campaign, here are the different functionalities which one you can access

1-You can modify the title of your campaign

2- You can modify the description of your campaign

3-You can modify the start date of your campaign

4- You can modify the end date of your campaign

5-You can modify the campaign title of your campaign

6-You can modify the campaign type in this section

7- If you are looking for an employee in particular, you can search one in the seek bar

N+1 or 2nd level manager management of the campaign's participants

Management of manager can be manage in 2 different ways ( or interlocutors) for a campaign :

  • By default, no manager will be affected to the employrrd of the campaign. At their first log-in, a «popup » will ask them to indicate their manager and their next level manager

Note : The managers which are offered in the "popup" are mandatory in the manager « profile » in the xLearn app

  • You can also click on « assign manager by default », in this case, the manager and the next level manager which the employees are on the responsabilities in xLearn will be automaticaly assigned for this camapaign

Duplicate an existing campaign

If you want to duuplicate a campaign, you have just to click on « duplicate the campaign

Every questions of the campaign will be duplicate but not the participant

Activate a campaign

To activate a campaign, you have to click on " activate the campaign"

1- A warning will announce you when you will block the edition mode, you will not be able to modify the questions and just the users could answer it

2- You can send an invitation by email to each person which are register on the campaign by ticking this case

3- You can validate the update of the campaign by clicking on "update"

6 - You can cancel the activation of the campaign by clicking on "cancel"

How to follow a campaign ?

Participants review

1- The first name, the last name and the email of the employyes will be display in the 3rd first columns

2- You can see the managers’s name and also of the N+1 and 2nd level managers’s name and if they had validated the campaign the next fourth columns

3- You can check if the employee has validated or not the interview in the last column

Review answers

1- In order to see the employee’s answer, you have to click on « overview »

2- You can select a tag in this section

3-You can choose the kind of question that you want

4- You can see who’s answer the questions by « answer by interlocutor »

5- You can see the employee’s answer

Campaing follow up

1- You can do the follow up of the campaign by clicking on "campaign follow-up"

2- The number of answer will be display in a personalized graph