Manage job descriptions

It's possible to create or modify the job descriptions which are used to affect the skills to a partner or to realize the match between positions and employees.

In category "Positions or Projects", click on "Create an opportunity" or select an existing opportunity by clicking on the [...] and "update"

Complete the different steps :

  • Information about the position

    • Title, the job status (Position or Project),

    • The disponibility (used to suggest where appropriate some positions to partners),

    • Contact information (which will be displayed to partners in order to have more information)

  • Complementary information

    • Link to candidate, it permits to the partner to have more informations about the position or the project with an online link

    • Classification or Flag is used in reportings to follow some specific opportunities category

  • Skills : Add the skills link to a position or a project

Notes :

  • The skills related to a job description can be automatically associate at the profile of a partner

  • It's possible to add or delete a skill to a position, but not to modify it because the skill can be reuse in an other positon

Manage the Users Opportunities

xLearn algorithm perform a matching between user profiles & company jobs and/or trainings based on the skills. However, you can manually modify the results of the matching. For example if a skill is over-weighted, you want highlight a specific job…

How to proceed ?

  • Navigate to "Manage opportunity" section in the menu

  • Click on "Create a new opportunity" (1) or select an existing one, clicking on the small pen (2)

You can search according different criterias (user name, job title...)

Which data to provide ?

  • To create a new opportunity, Select user (1) & Job (2) which should match with ; For an existing opportunity this fields are automaticaly filled

  • Fill the "Match manuel" field (5) with value between -2 and 2

  • Click on "Creation" (6)


  • Don't change the field (3) and (4) ; they have been filled with the results of the automatic matching

  • How to choose the value

    • [-2] you want to discard an opportunity to a user

    • [+2] you want to force an opportunity to a user