How to manage trainings as an HR ?

Training have to be managed in two differents steps :

  1. "Training catalog" in order to create a training with its characteristics (title, description, owner...)

  2. "Training session" to assign to one or more employees and to precise the dates of the session (start & end)

How to create or update a training in the catalog ?

1. Select in the menu on the left "HR analytics" and sub-menu "Company jobs or trainings"

2. Click on "Create opportunity"

3. Fill the field of the form

Note: You have to select the type "Training" in the dropdown list

4. Validate your training clicking on "Creation"

To update an existing training click on the small pencil (3)

Observation: You can add soft or skills to your training in order perform a matching between the skills of your employee and the training (according the features selected)

How to create or update a training session ?

To create a training session

  1. Select in the menu "Training"

  2. Click on "Create a training campaign"

You will find in this section a list of all the training sessions of your company (3)

  • You can export the list clicking on (4)

  • You can update a training session clicking on (5)

  1. Add the session title and description

  2. Precise the start date and end date of the sessions

  3. Select all the attendees of the session

  4. Select the trainings making part of the training

  5. Validate


  • An e-mail will be send to all the participant of the session after the validation

  • All the training assigned will be placed in their personnal profile - see below

Where does a user see/manage their trainings ?

In their personal profile area (1), a user will find all the trainings assigned (2) & (3)

They can request a training from the training catalog clicking on (4)