How to manage trainings as an HR ?

Training have to be managed in two differents steps :

  1. "Training catalog" in order to create a training with its characteristics (title, description, owner...)

  2. "Training session" to assign to one or more employees and to precise the dates of the session (start & end)

The training management process on xLearn

How to manage catalog training ?

  • Navigate in the sidebar until a "Training catalog"

  • The screen below appears with the following functions :

1) Add training to catalog

2) Manage existing training

  • Deliver, including approve or reject a training request, consult the list of persons to register for a session, monitor validation by the manager or the HR

  • Update or delete

3) Search a training according to different criteria, including search a training that :

  • I solicited for myself and which is awaiting validation by my manager and/or my HR

  • My team has solicited and i have to validate as manager and/or HR

Note : Organization of training sessions - choice of date and participants - are managed under the heading "Training session"

Add a training

After clicking on Add a training, complet the different tabs :

1) The basic information of the training (title, description...) and also :

  • The person that the employees can contact for more information on training

  • Availability to specify whether the organization of a session is possible soon (or no)

2) The additional information are mainly used for reporting purposes (defined during application deployment)

  • Duration of trainings (hours) and the cost (euros) in order to follow the training counter by employees and associate

  • Budget used, for example CPF, human resources budget or budget of a specific direction/department

  • Flag to indicate specific elements to follow ; for example how many hours of training followed an employee in health and safety? or real estate?

3) Tab Certifications associated with training allow to specify the certifications (end date) that an employee will obtain if he carries out this training ; it will be automatically added to its profile after the validation of the training and a reminder is sent to HR when it is due

Manage a training request (approve/decline requested training)

After clicking on Manage a training request on one of the roster formations, you access to the tabs :

1) Description which includes essential information on training

2) Employee who requested the training, to approve or reject a request as HR or Manager

  • Approve or reject a request as HR or Manager

  • View or add a comment on the request ; this will be accessible to the Manager and the employee’s HR

3) Employee with a validated training request ; this list will be automatically emptied if the employee is added to a training session

Note : Trainings with expectations requests can be filtered (1) and the number of pending validations is indicated for each training (2)

How to manage training sessions?

  • Navigate in the sidebar until a "Training sessions"

  • The screen below appears with the following functions :

1) Create a training session

2) Validate the participation of employees in a training session at the end of the session and assign them their certification (if necessary)

3) Search a training session according to different criteria

Create a training session

After clicking on Create a training session, you access to the tabs :

1) Information on the training session, including :

  • The choice of training in the catalog to be covered by the session

  • The dates of the training (beginning and end)

  • The title of the session or the budget consumed (for reporting purposes)

Note : We reuse the information associated with the training when creating the training session

2) Employee of the session, to select the employees participating in the training

Note : Employees with validated training requests are automatically added to the selection

Validate the participation of employees in a training session at the end of the session

At the end of the training session, clicking on Validate to validate the good participation of employees in a training session and affect their certification (if the training leads to certification)

1) The list is automatically prefilled with participants registered for the training session ; if a participant was unable to complete the training click on its name, then on the arrow above

2) If certification is associated with training, it will be automatically added to the employee’s profile ; for this it will be necessary to specify the certification start and end date

Where does a user see/manage their trainings ?

In their personal profile area (1), a user will find all the trainings assigned (2) & (3)

They can request a training from the training catalog clicking on (4)